Readers' Comments on Zuke 'Em

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"Now, finally reading his book, I am even more impressed by the quality of the work. His engaging "conversational" writing style, his focus on explaining themes and patterns rather than dumping a bunch of analysis on the page, and his excellent sense of design and presentation have been widely praised. But what impresses me most about Rudel's work is his desire to seek the best approach to playing the Colle-Zukertort and the way he uses the book format to teach it to others....The book is both well-researched and full of innovative ideas."
-Mike Goeller at the Kenilworthian

"I really like the fact that Mr. Rudel takes an extremely close look at all the key move orders and tries to extract the maximum from each different setup that Black chooses. He shows that White still has a lot of bite left in ALL lines of the Zuke."
-International Master Jeremy Silman

"The feel, the tone, the texture, the flavor, the style --- are all good. Rudel has an ease of writing that can only be called a gift. His greatest assets are clarity and attention to detail, making his points forcefully and unambiguously."
-Victor Spear, celebrated author of over a dozen books

"Zuke 'Em: The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionised is a book with many virtues: it is lucid and rigorous and interactive and authoritative and engaging."
-Paul Kane, The Compulsive Reader

"I got a chance to read a little bit more of the book. It is simply wonderful! The tone of the book matches my understanding/expectation of the Zukertort system. The training section in the end is invaluable. That is something that every book must have! Thank you for doing it!"
-S. Bangalore, Los Angeles

"Very impressed by the sheer amount of effort and brain power..."
-Grandmaster Aaron Summerscale, author of A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire

"Sir, as a new user of [the C-Z], I have to say of all the books that I have bought, and that is a considerable amount, yours  is without doubt the best."
-R. Cooper

"David Rudel has put together the definite word on the Zukertort Colle.
This is a refreshing writing style with new ideas which should be helpful for the master to beginner player. What I liked about the book was the complete master game examples David used to show his ideas. I recommend this book to all players who want to put bite back in their game!!!!"

-National Master Michael Stewart, Hernando MS

"While reading, I often asked myself questions like "why can't I play Ne5 right now?" Quite often, David Rudel literally asks this questions himself in the book and provides an explanation... you will find much less of the useless "obviously, White wins here" statements in this book than you will find in most opening books written by GMs"
-Sciurus at

"David Rudel's analysis of the Zukertort is Solid!"
- Senior Master Mick Bighamian (owner of Los Angeles Chess Club)

"I own the books by Lane and Summerscale and that book here definitely takes the cake on my view. Definitely different from any other book that you read and is worth every penny that I spent to get it. "
- Dionisis Koulianos' Amazon review

"To my knowledge, this is the first and only book to be written exclusively on the Colle-Zukertort opening system. Luckily for us, this first one is outstanding. As a former tournament player, I found ingenious and refreshing David Rudel's new ideas in chess writing. Of the many dozens of opening books in my chess library, Zuke 'em is hands down number one."
- Jack Clark's Amazon review

"It represents a new style in chess analysis and writing."
-Pawn Shaman at Knight Skewer

"Terrific book for learning a new opening"
-Life National Master Larry Tamarkin

"Very Good!! Based on what I've read already, I may have to switch repertoires."
-Mike Leahy, Creator of Bookup

First and foremost, it is written in a way that those of us who have not yet acquired an international title can readily understand.
- Greg at Greg's Blogspot

"Outstanding!It is a "must have" book for anyone who plays the Colle-Zukertort, or wants to. The author makes it easy to understand the ideas behind the opening, and a very fun read. Of all my Chess books, this is my favorite!
-Tim "Colonel Flagg"

"An excellent3book that actually deals with the liens of the CZ that people play."
- Adam D. Becker

"What a beautiful book! I'm impressed!"
-Dr. Max Warshauer, USCF Candidate Master, Professor of Mathematics, Texas State University

"Provides concise and clear examples and is set up in a logical progression which provides excellent instruction and understanding. It has continued on from earlier works on the Colle and provides much needed insight in areas that these earlier works overlooked."
- Robert J. Rajala

Instead Rudel readily admits there are several options available to Black that can trouble white, and that the C-Z is not the perfect "lazy" opening. His honesty is compelling and makes people more like to buy the book than all the silly hyperbole and half-truths you get with most books on "system" openings.
- Wallace H. Hannum

"The lines are VERY effective for players rated 1200-1900."
-International Master Jeremy Silman

"If you play the Zukertort opening, then it is simply a must read."
-Zugzwanged Amazon Review

"Zuke `Em, by David Rudel, is a must read for anyone who plays the dynamic Zukertort variation of the Colle System or anyone who wishes to learn to play it."
-Dale McLemore

"David, Thanks, thnx and thank you for your book--"Zuke 'Em". I have played it for close to five years and you just put things in a very nice perspective. Did I say 'Thanks'? I am sure u will be bombarded with questions from your readers (including me!), but for now I just wanted to send congrats and hope you follow up with another opening book."
-S. Sisson

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