There are several other worthwhile websites out there. Here is a list of some you may not have seen before.

Thinkers' Press Inc. -- An independent publishing company run by Bob Long. --The site of a massive-circulation chess periodical

Marsh Towers -- A great blog full of reviews and other interesting posts. -- I post on this forum sometimes (mostly in the opening analysis section)

The Chess Mind -- An interesting website run by Dennis Monokroussos.

Greg's Chess Progress -- A personal chess improvement blog of a really nice guy.

The Zuke-Duke Forum -- A forum for players of the Colle System.

ChessVideos.Tv -- A great place to watch instructional videos.

TWIC -- If you play chess, you know what those letters stand for.

The Kenilworthian -- A very active, quality chess blog about New Jersey Chess and Chess in general.

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